Booth publishes one new piece or author every Friday, square on our home page.

Also, we publish two print issues yearly, usually in winter and summer.

Booth was established in 2009. Our staff is comprised of MFA faculty and students in the Butler University graduate writing program. You are officially invited to reach through your machine and tickle our ribs at booth@butler.edu, but any submissions sent to our email will be deleted. To submit work, please visit our submission manager.

Founder & Editor: Robert Stapleton
Associate Editors: Andrea Boucher, Caitlin Dicus, Ashley Petry
Fiction Editors: Richard Sell, Samantha Vorwald 
Nonfiction Editor: Susan Lerner
Poetry Editor: Nicole Brooks
Social Media: Kelly Flynn
Readers: Hannah Sullivan Brown, Malachi Carter, Vincent Corsaro, Sam Ferrante, Kelly Flynn, Tyler Hughes, Abby Johnson, Brian Rocha, Taylor Simon, Betsy Slavens, Dominique Weldon, Emily Wiland, Erin Wythe, Lara Young

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