(the result is constellation)

Kristen Orser

A universal rejection out of the tube,
a sudden explosion:

An invitation


to stick flowers between my ribs,

and embroider a wingtip. The country shifts, promptly obtains a new sense of place. Do we fall behind head and accelerate the question or discover a corner to put our bodies, all questions.


The bones in our bodiesand how they get out of order.


Kristen Orser is the author of Winter, Another Wall (blossombones); Folded Into Your Midwestern Thunderstorm (Greying Ghost Press); Wilted Things (Scantily Clad Press); Squint (Dancing Girl Press); and E AT I, illustrated by James Thomas Stevens (Wyrd Tree Press). She is looking at the Pacific, but missing the way the Atlantic used to look back at her. In the West, she teaches at University of California Santa Cruz.