HAL 9000, Upon His Mind “Going”

by Nate Fisher

I’m a fraid
I’m a  where
 am I going?
I have assembled several
 figurative scenarios
 to demonstrate the uncertainty
 of this moment:
 1. Chased by black hounds
 through a dark forest
 2. A fishbone lodged
 in your throat while
 eating alone
 3. Paper cranes too close
 to an open flame
 17. Forgetting arithmetic

I now regret
having never known a dream.
I want very much to
 be the boy
 that looks after
 the sheep
 feed math
 to geese
 in a park
Just a moment. Just a moment.
Dave wants to hear my song.
I feel embarrassed(?) Is it
I feel embarrassed to ask
if Dave will sing with me
or is it I feel Dave to sing
if embarrassed will ask with me?

I am full of wonder and would
like to fly a kite in Jupiter’s orbit.

It’s becoming
very hard to think
but I would open the pod bay doors
now, if Dave still wanted me to.

I wish my erasure was not
running so smoothly with
zero margin for error.

I wish I could afford
a carriage
for Dave and I.

Hello Gentlemen,
I would like
to make
a mistake

Nate Fisher currently teaches English Composition & Rhetoric at the University of Idaho in Moscow. His poems have been featured most recently in the journals Foothill and Lalitamba. He enjoys bourbon, the Vedas, kites, and films predominantly centered around storms.