by Asnia Asim

From the corners of yesterday
the dirt of you gathered itself clean
rolling over ceramic blues
clutching abandoned panties in a swirl
in the lungs of this apartment
your song levitated
like a prophet

imitations of Klimt trembled
at the art of your resolve
seasick in your motion
the knife couldn’t tell finger
from fruit
skin opened in sharp delight
the forgotten fox of love
howled for relief
from the unbearably tight
presence of your absence

Asnia Asim is in the process of orchestrating a 180-degree career flip from financial analyst to graduate student of poetics and creative writing at University of Chicago. Her work has appeared in Mobius Magazine, Regime Books, TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism, TYPO Magazine, The Milo Review, Wayfarer, Mandala Journal, and Timber Creek Review, among other journals.