POETRY April 1, 2022

Body a Soft Dull Blade

Let you lie out wide as a bay of wheat, let my mouth run
through the gleaming. Footprints, bruises, the earth

takes its small breath in my leave. My love reaches
my body through the open windows, my love asks again

what do you need, as if to say I can just keep
needing. We borrow each other. I fold your ear

where I want to remember. Our breath visible & audible
above the bed. The cold another touch

we give ourselves to. In the morning, I walk through the bristle
& pinch names for you, lay them to dry on the bedside table,

angel, baby, my good girl. Sometimes I step outside myself
when I’m alone & become your eyes

on me. Sometimes I believe I am only a boy
when beautiful. Anew, I leave my image lovingly

to wild. My body, too, in its turn, wilding. I
hold a soft power. I turn it leisurely in my hands.

I wasn’t yet I was: angling myself
to you. The two meet

perpendicular: gender & desire. Pull you
by the hair. Pull you by the root. Laugh

against each other’s mouths. There
you are, aflight under the open

wingspan of my fingers, how I hover,
how I harvest, how I

take as much as I can hold.

Fox Rinne is a poet living on occupied Lenape land. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Muzzle, Anomaly, Baest, and elsewhere.