POETRY November 3, 2023

All of us are here because of loss the social worker said and I disagreed as usual

in fact the opposite I said having lost

count my inner world of worlds

in the magazine they say roll a tennis ball on the floor

under your foot let it break up whatever inner mesh

boring you say like having to listen to someone else’s dream

braggy too what kind of asshole sings what they stole       well all of them

my kind whose job it is to provide the family experience

to the boy calling our soap cheese soap to the nocturnal toddler

the girl writing her own story girl with the never-tight-enough ponytail

boy who hid his wallet deep in the sheets girl learning to wink

who loved pistachios fettuccini alfredo ramen black beans each can

opening into another life       another day

Megan Snyder-Camp is the author of three books of poetry: The Forest of Sure Things (Tupelo, 2010), Wintering (Tupelo, 2016), and The Gunnywolf (Bear Star, 2016).