POETRY June 7, 2024


            Of course, there are cows. These roads drip a bovine cologne: you smell ‘em before you see ‘em. It is spring again and everything out is coming

            in—ants tread a path across poem drafts; Mama holds a bucket with a baby mouse; a pillbug moseys their way along the basement floor. Also called a roly poly, this one curls their body up and inward,

            like you, asleep, turn from me so we are spine to spine—pancrustacean consecration. I often lie awake in the weight of your absence and tender myself holy—how solitude feels so precious next to a lover, and how coming,

            quick and heavy beside you, is ritual, like driving on another Virginia highway and someone screaming cows!! the moment we see those dark shapes dotting the landscape, like moles on a collarbone.

Eli V. Rahm (they/them) is a queer writer from Virginia. Eli is the recipient of the 2023 Mary Roberts Rinehart Poetry Award and the 2020 Joseph A. Lohman III Award in Poetry. Their work is featured or forthcoming in Door Is A Jar, Passages North, Bellingham Review, The Cortland Review, The Academy of American Poets, among others. You can find them at https://elisaurus.carrd.co/