September 1, 2021

Writer Payments and Donation Initiative

We at Booth wish to do everything we can to not only champion but also fairly compensate the writers we publish. In an effort to do so, starting September 1, 2021, Booth will pay $50 for every piece we publish.

To make this possible, we will now be charging a small submission fee of $3. As we transition to this payment model, we want to be as transparent as possible about where your submission fees will be going. Submittable receives a $0.99 + 5% cut of all submission fees, totaling $1.14 (38%) of our $3 fee. We will be using $1.50 (50%) of each submission fee to directly and exclusively fund payments to writers. To further Booth’s goals of pushing for real equity in this industry, our community, and the country at large, we will be donating the remaining funds to the No Questions Asked Food Pantry here in Indianapolis. Every semester, we will donate those funds to a different local organization.

We want to thank all the incredible artists who continue to send us inspiring and challenging work that lifts up the best in all of us. Thank you.