LISTS February 7, 2014

Run Story

by Daniel Hales

The following lists are from Run Story, a hybrid/cross-genre novel. Run Story is set in a residential center for emotionally/behaviorally disturbed children and adolescents. Abe is one of numerous main characters, narrators, and residential clients. A longer excerpt of Run Story appears in Booth 6.


Behavior Chain. ABE

What was the problem behavior? (What did you earn consequences for?)

I went downstairs at foster home during the night and stole food with the food labeled MOM.

Vulnerability factors-- Why did it happen today?

I went to bed already and my stomick was gralling . I just didn’t want to hear my stomick gralling.

Trigger -- what happened that you that started you on the road to problem behavior?

My stomick was gralling so much I just wanted it to stop.

The trigger made me feel?

Mad, upset and outrage. And hungry.

The trigger made me think?

I thot eat and it will stop gralling!

This made you want to (urge)?

It made me want to eat.

What you did (action)?

I went downstairs and stoll food that wasnt my own.

How did others respond around you?

My foster mom was mad!

Their response made me feel? And it made me think? and made me want to? and it made me do?

bad. I’m a bad boy. cry. go to bed and cry.

What were the positive results of our behavior?

I wasn’t hungry any more.

What were the negative results of your behavior?

I got a Behavior Chain.