LISTS February 7, 2014

Run Story

Abraham’s Special Programs
| Kyle

Hygiene: Abe has designated bathroom times every hour and a half (should be marked on Bathroom Log). Earns an Endangering for hiding wet sheets or soiled clothing. Endangering for fecal smearing. Extra half hour of video games if he turns in wet/soiled sheets/clothing right away.

Interaction: If Abe goes a whole day without negative peer bonding, he earns an extra sugar snack on the weekend.

Anger Management: Every time Abe identifies a Trigger and effectively uses a Coping Skill he earns a gold star. For every gold star, he gets to buy a song online to add to his Coping Skills playlist.

Daniel Hales is a writer, musician, and teacher living in western Massachusetts. He’s had poems and flash fictions published in many print and online journals, including Verse Daily, Sentence, The Massachusetts Review, Conduit, H_NGM_N, and Bateau. He is the songwriter, singer, and guitarist in the band Daniel hales, and the frost heaves. They have just released their third album: “Contrariwise: Songs from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass:"