I’m coming to terms with my body
Sky Staring
I Want to Be the Winner of Fat Bear Week
The Poem for R
The Mother Buys a Modular Sofa Set
Two Poems
Pull Focus
Our Sloping Future
On Hill Avenue in Fayetteville, Arkansas
All of us are here because of loss the social worker said and I disagreed as usual
Sewer Gator Orgy
Aubade with Glass Windows
The First Time I Thought My Father Could Kill Me
Unusable Tarot Reading from the Passenger Seat of a Crashed Peugeot 205 (1997)
After a Burial
epigenetics or: hope for easeful adaptation
Mimaw Burning Sage
(Heavy Metal) Boots
After Passing the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, I
In the Beginning, Forest 
Eumorpha Achemon; My Exoskeletal Self-Defense
How to be Happy 
It is June 2018-
Forest Fire
Implications of Colors
Cyborgian Curriculum Vitae
Love Poem by the Light of a Documentary about the Texarkana Moonlight Murderer
Two Poems
An Abridged Lecture on Madness
 La Lengua no Tiene Hueso, Pero
There is No Happiness
The Birdwatcher
Who Has Heard My Bleating in the Night?
Recalling a Dream of Stray Cats Everywhere
Body a Soft Dull Blade
From “Let the Question Die, Then Bloom”
Queer Awakening with Wolf Spider
Tiny House Nation
The Confluence
Mom’s Chair
Nocturne with Fireworks
Elegy for Armando
Below the Dentist’s Bent Arm and through the Window, I See the Outline of the Shore through Fog
Bad Temple
And The Tide Goes Out
American crow (contrarian)
New Kid In Town
Split Portrait
First Date with the Asteroid that Killed the Dinosaurs
Shell No. 2 (1928)
Sisters Sharing a Pillow, or, “Thank You, 117 Lomia”
World Music and Arts Festival, Santiago, Chile
A Cat’s Obituary
Discarding the Ashtrays
Translation in Transit
under bridges
Two Poems
Mom, when I called
I Star It Out
Schizo Sees the Man in/on a Coffee Shop
Timeless Tips for Simple Sabotage
Elegy for the Four Chambers of My Mother’s Heart
Two Poems
Eating the Tootsie Roll
Whisper Network
The woman in the Tecfidera commercial finally loses it

Same Dream
Sappho’s Ghost
Zachary B
Tipping Point
cancer in
Is it too much to say, it started
for the gone Black boys
Bin ich dein Neger?
“The flesh and a broken whisper”
Sometimes, the angels doze in the quarry
the sky is bright tonight
Like Being in Love
The Aliens Seek to Understand Pain
Fertility with Multiple Diagnoses
Ursus Somniantes
a list of shit people said to me after my assault in three acts
According to the Farmers’ Almanac
Mother Darling Goes to the Casino
All the Gentle Boys Grow Spurs
Southern Nostalgia
Dead Girl
Consider a Swollen Heart
Interview with/about Erasure: The Blood Runs like a River through my Dreams
Our Husband Is Your Husband
But We Still Love Him
Small Plane Takes His Daughter to the Air Show
The First Place
In Praise of the Exoskeleton
Another Beverly C. Wetherald Hides
from the Ranger at Spirit Lake, 1980
Broken Sonnet for the Winter
I Worked as a Roofer
Moose Blood
The Lucky Ones
Two Poems
Average Speak
Etiquette of Submission
John Donne and Leonard Cohen
at the End of the World
Two Poems
I Hate a Poem with Poem in It
You Carry That Junk Everywhere
Let Our Bodies Be Returned to Us
Dear mom (or I hate to break it to you but the sky is a whore, too)
The Journal of Glacial Archaeology
Border Song
Long Hunter State Park, Late Winter
I had that dream again
lawn mower one
Editor’s Note
Almost Elegy for the Old Yellow Dog
Two Poems
Poem Where I Almost Hit a Coyote
As Through a Sheer Curtain
In Defense of Being the Other Woman
The Problem with Burning Down Your Own House
Good Things You Should Know
Bar of Soap
Music Video
Request Hour
Three Poems
Telltale Signs of Disaster
Once Said
  [If you said kitchen and meant harden and then if you walked out back and forgot]
46. Calle de Lerdo
Two Poems
Louisiana Hayride Shivaree
Alien Invasions at the Evans Salvage Grocery
Better Weather
Scarecrow Museum
A Refrain in Utero
Two Poems
Two Poems
Two Poems
A Swim Stroke in Verse: Seventeen Giant Manta Rays and One Hut
In Memoriam
Weather, Then You Picked the Wrong Place to Stay
The Daughter
All Mistakes Were Once New
Finishing the Basement
Go On Take Another Little Piece of My Heart
When I open the door a boy stands there
The only time I ever cried at the gym,
Why Are Your Poems Full of Turtles?
Without Wings
Event Horizons
A Celebration
In the Kingdom of Moths
How to Build a Telescope
The Beginning and the Beginning Again
log in
Outgrowing: An Equation
Mandolin in White Wood, Curing the Wood
Fat Girl Has Regular Sex
Two Poems
Two Poems
Two Poems
Under Blue Blankets
Places We’ve Been
If Mice Laid Eggs, They Would Be Kalamata Olives
HAL 9000, Upon His Mind “Going”
Pantoum by Thelonious Monk
Like Acheron but Not
The Call at Night When I Was Dreaming of Figs
3 Poems
Three Poems
Of Mice and Matter
My Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader Is My Therapy
3 Poems
Dura Mater
Letter to Jennifer ’09
At 80